Musical fiction is an emerging art form

joining the gifts of musicians and writers.
We bring them together in a friendly atmosphere and light the fuse.


What is 'Sue's Triangle'?

'Sue's Triangle' is the newest release by the Musical Fiction Alliance of America. This romantic short novel sprang to life when author, David Benrexi, gathered a team of local actors and musicians to create MuFic's first audio book.

Here's an audio sample from the story:



What's Next?

Northside Gal:

The short story, Northside Gal, is based on a song about a young musician who falls head over heels in love with an older woman. We are currently in audio book pre-production as we prepare to bring a team of artists and musicians together to tell the story. Contact David if you'd like to be involved.

David Benrexi

Telephone // (843) 814-2216

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